While starting cooperation we deliver the best solutions adapted to the individual need of the Clients, by offering:


  • professional staff paying attention to every detail of the job,
  • sound system and lighting of prestigious brand,
  • stages in the following sizes: 6mx8m, 10mx8m, 12mx10m, 14mx10m,
  • compere services,
  • animations for children led by qualified cultural and educational pedagogues,
  • electric power aggregates from 5kW to 250kW along with indispensable infrastructure for electric power distribution and tower lights,
  • supply of quick-fold tents and tent halls, benches, floors and dance floors, barriers, fences, sanitary facilities along with assembly,
  • gastronomic service of the event.

what we do?


sound system



leisure time animators




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they trusted us


+48 34 347 34 00

Nikoli Tesli 2
42-793 Ciasna

* the connection cost is in accordance with the operator's tariff, the number is available for international calls